Welcome to ANOVA Associates!

Busy businessman working in officeEstablished in 2006, ANOVA Associates is Pakistan’s reliable social research organization. It is devoted to theoretical and empirical research on national economic issues in particular. ANOVA is successfully providing a wide range of social research service package which include Household Surveys, Village survey (Profiles), Village Census, Telephonic Survey, Baseline Studies, Impact Evaluation Studies, Field Research and Interviewing, Face to Face Interviewing, In-depth Interviewing, Focus Group Discussions, Questionnaire Designing, Questionnaires Translation, Training & Capacity Building, Development of data entry software, Data entry, Coding & cleaning, Concept testing etc. With its state of the art facilities and professional staff, ANOVA’s management is committed to provide professional services to its clients through the provision of:

  1. Accurate, reliable, and quality data
  2. Timely submission of all deliverables
  3. Confidentiality to its highest level

Our centralized field department, with a team of highly qualified and experienced Programme Coordinators /Supervisors gives assistance and support to all fieldwork assignments. For accuracy, reliability and quality work, ANOVA has its own field management protocols that have been used by centralized field department in each field work.